Frequently Asked Questions 


*Is the DJ low key or Highly interactive?

I have the Philosophy that you don't have to go overboard in order to please a crowd; No embarrassing or rather cheesy acts. We give you a tasteful evening with tactical Music and proper interaction. 
*Can you provide a Written Contract?
It's very important to have your date confirmed in writing. Night Shift DJ Service provides a written contract for every event.
*How long do we have to before we sign the Contract?
Because this is a sole proprietor business, The Contracts are signed on a First Come First Serve Basis, usually within a weeks time after our meeting or the contract was mailed out to you.
*Do you act as a Master of Ceremony?
For Weddings it's included in our packages, we will make all appropriate announcements and keep everything going smoothly. We also offer this service for other formal events.
*Do you use professional equipment?
Night Shift DJ Service prides itself on carrying state-of-art DJ commercial grade equipment from a variety of reputable companies.
*What kind of music do you play?
We carry an extensive library of music dating from the Big Bands, 60's & 70's Oldies, thru today's Top 40 Hits such as R&B, Club Dance, Rap, Country and many other styles. 
*Do you carry MP3's or CDs?
We do carry CD's all in their original formats or compilations, but we are now digital. That means mp3 formatted digital sound with state of the art digital DJ software.
*What time do you setup?
We arrive at least an hour prior to the event, in order to check the sound and make sure everything is in order and give you and your guests the best time possible.
*How will the DJ be dressed?
The DJ will be dressed appropriately for your event, for Weddings a Black Suit style will always be worn.
*Do we have to provide a meal for the DJ?
Although it's not necessary, it's a nice gesture as your DJ puts almost 8-10 hours of work the day of your event from the time he starts setting up, to the time he takes down the setup.
*Do we have to tip the DJ?
No itís not necessary, but if the DJ did an excellent Job, then Gratuity is encouraged.